How We Work

新萄京娱乐 has a long and proud history of improving the working lives of creative professionals and the industries in which they work.

Created in 1992 through the merging of the long-established unions covering actors, journalists and entertainment industry employees, 新萄京娱乐 is an amalgamation of: Actors Equity (AE, founded 1939), the Australian Journalists Association (AJA, founded 1910) and the Australian Theatrical & Amusement Employees Association (ATAEA, founded 1915).

Since that amalgamation, the Symphony Orchestra Musicians Association (SOMA, founded 1996) & the NSW Artworkers Union have joined 新萄京娱乐. A Professional Sports Branch has been created and the Screen Technicians Association of Australia (STAA) reconstituted itself under the 新萄京娱乐 banner. 新萄京娱乐 also established Musicians’ Associations in NSW and WA.

新萄京娱乐 is run by members, for members

新萄京娱乐’s key decision-making body is the Federal Council – elected members representing their colleagues across the country. The Federal Council’s members also form the industry-specific 新萄京娱乐 section committees that communicate regularly to address issues, endorse strategies and actions, and share knowledge. 新萄京娱乐 members also elect the key office holders – the presidents of each section – who help form the 新萄京娱乐 Board that oversees the administration of 新萄京娱乐. Each year 新萄京娱乐 issues a comprehensive annual report and financial statement on 新萄京娱乐’s activities.

A representative structure  

新萄京娱乐 is structured on both sectional (industry/professional) and branch (geographical) lines. Member representatives are elected to our governing bodies as representatives of sections and branches as well as on a national basis to federal offices. The governing bodies are:

• Federal Council
• The 新萄京娱乐 Board
• National Section Committees
• Branch councils

Most of our work is done within the four major sections of the union – Media, Equity, and ECS (Entertainment, Crew & Sport) and musicians.

Federal Council is made up of the representatives from across the country and across every section of the union who are elected by 新萄京娱乐 members every two years.

The 新萄京娱乐 Board is made up of the federal president (Simon Collins) and 14 other senior activists who work in our industries.

National Section Committees have come to play the central role in engaging active members in governance of the union. This is where members come together to make the decisions on matters that actually affect them. Funding is provided for at least one annual face-to-face meeting of each section committee.

Media – National Media Section Committee.

Equity – National Performers Committee.

Entertainment, Crew and Sport – ECS National Committee.

Musicians – Member participation in leadership is through ECS and for symphony orchestra members, through SOMA Executive.

In each state where there are more than 100 members of a section, the members in that state elect a president of the section. If there are more than 500 members, they also elect a vice-president. This ensures that our state or territory branches are represented fairly in the governance of the section. These officers are the representative of their section in their state and are members of Federal Council and the relevant national section committee.


新萄京娱乐 is affiliated internationally to the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ); the International Federation of Actors (FIA); the International Federation of Musicians (FIM); the global union representing workers in the media, entertainment, arts and sports sectors (UNI-MEI); the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) and the International News Safety Institute (INSI).

In Australia, 新萄京娱乐 is a member of the Australian Press Council, the Australian Copyright Council, and the Australia’s Right To Know media industry lobbying group.

新萄京娱乐 (except the 新萄京娱乐 Media section) is affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (NZCTU).

新萄京娱乐 (except the 新萄京娱乐 Media section in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria) is affiliated with all state and territory Labour Councils.

新萄京娱乐 (except the 新萄京娱乐 Media section and the 新萄京娱乐 SOMA section) is affiliated with the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in New South Wales and South Australia.

新萄京娱乐 is also a member of Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA.